People from across Metro Vancouver support SkyTrain to UBC

UBC commissioned a poll to learn what Metro Vancouver residents think about extending SkyTrain to UBC beyond Arbutus Street, and the results revealed a very high-level of support for the project across the region.

All the Way to UBC

Support for extending SkyTrain to UBC is higher than it is for building the line to Arbutus.


of Metro Vancouver residents support extending the Millennium SkyTrain Line all the way to UBC.

Illustration of people waiting for a bus.

Less than 24%

of respondents think it makes sense to stop construction of the line at Arbutus Street.

Reducing Congestion is a Top Priority

Traffic congestion is a major concern across Metro Vancouver. Time spent caught in traffic or waiting for busses could be better spent at work or with friends and family.

When asked what is most important to them when thinking about regional transportation projects


projects that will reduce congestion


projects that contributed to an interconnected transit network


projects that will help me get to where I want to go faster


projects that improve connections between economic and employment hubs

SkyTrain to UBC is a Regional Priority

There is a clear recognition that SkyTrain to UBC will serve the entire region and contribute to an interconnected system that will benefit people in municipalities across the Lower Mainland.


of those polled said connecting UBC with a rapid transit line should be considered a regional priority as it will bring benefits to the entire region, not just the UBC campus community.


of respondents agree it is important for their municipality to be well-connected to the UBC Vancouver campus by transit.

Less than one-quarter (24%)

of Metro Vancouver residents think there are other more important transit projects that should be completed before the UBC portion of the line.

UBC is a Regional Resource

Metro Vancouver residents visit UBC for many reasons including to enjoy the beaches and parks, visit a museum or cultural amenity or to see a health specialist. More people would visit if it was easier to get to campus.

Interested in Learning More?

You can view the full survey results here.