Creating a Sustainable Future

Illustration of more sustainable modes of transportation being used.

With SkyTrain to UBC, Connectivity Will be More Sustainable

SkyTrain to UBC will increase sustainable transit usage along the entire length of the Broadway corridor, reducing congestion, GHG emissions and air contaminants while improving personal health and wellbeing.

Rapid transit is a key ingredient for UBC to achieve its target of having at least two thirds of trips to and from campus be made by walking, cycling or transit by 2040. It is estimated that the Broadway Subway extension to Arbutus and the further extension to UBC combined will:

  • boost regional transit ridership by more than 54,000 new transit trips/day;*
  • remove 2,000 peak hour auto trips from the road network;*
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air contaminants;*
  • contribute to a > 2.3 billion reduction in auto Vehicles Kilometers Travelled over a 30-year lifecycle;*
  • reduce lifecycle GHG emissions by 335 kilotonnes; and help achieve local, provincial and federal climate change targets.*

*UBC Line Rapid Transit Study: Phase 3 Evaluation Report, August 2012