Impact & Benefits

Better connectivity brings regional benefits

The UBC Extension is a technically sound and much needed transit project in the region. With high projected ridership numbers, it will substantially reduce traffic congestion and associated GHG’s while increasing regional transit ridership and generating new, transit-oriented housing developments along the Broadway Corridor. It’s a project that will bring long-term benefits to the region, the province and country.

Connecting people enables collaboration, which is essential to bringing new ideas and solutions to the toughest challenges we face today, such as climate change, housing affordability, and other major health and social issues. SkyTrain to UBC will facilitate more partnerships and collaborative projects throughout the Metro Vancouver region while enhancing access to education, medical, recreational and cultural services, reducing congestion and improving UBC’s ability to deliver on its strategic vision.


A SkyTrain line that connects UBC with the surrounding region will create a rapid transit network that connects Langley in the south through Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby and Vancouver, to UBC in the west and Coquitlam in the east, helping Metro Vancouver realize the economic benefits that other world-class cities have reaped by better connecting their major universities through rapid transit.