Impact & Benefits

Interconnecting People Across the Metro Vancouver Region

UBC’s vision, articulated in its strategic plan, Shaping UBC’s Next Century, is to inspire people, ideas and action for a better world.

Connecting people enables collaboration, which is essential to bringing new ideas and solutions to the toughest challenges we face today such as climate change, housing affordability, the opioid crisis and other major health and social issues. SkyTrain to UBC will facilitate more partnerships and collaborative projects throughout the Metro Vancouver region while enhancing access to education, medical, recreational and cultural services, reducing congestion and improving UBC’s ability to deliver on its strategic vision.

People stand at the heart of this vision: people beyond the nearly 80,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and residents who are at UBC each day. The UBC community includes alumni, lifelong learners, Indigenous partners, employees at UBC spin-off companies and research centres, volunteers, philanthropic supporters, colleagues at other institutions, and, local, provincial and federal government partners.


This community’s impact is felt throughout the Metro Vancouver region: patients who are engaged with UBC medical researchers and practitioners, cultural aficionados who participate in and attend UBC-led installations and performances, citizens who seek free legal advice and representation from UBC law students, children and teachers who interact with UBC education specialists and social scientists, and more. And with increased mobility, this massive network can increase its engagement in the region even further.