SkyTrain to UBC - updates and latest news

In April 2018, the Board of Governors approved a strategy of business partnerships, technical collaboration and coordinated advocacy to accelerate completion of the extension of the Millennium Skytrain line from its approved terminus at Broadway and Arbutus out to the Vancouver campus. Advocating for improved transit connectivity with the region supports the Strategic Plan themes of collaboration, inclusion and innovation, and complements the university’s goals related to housing that supports student, faculty and staff recruitment and retention.

Getting to and from UBC is a big challenge for many of you whether you live in Vancouver or commute from across Metro Vancouver. Each day there are 156,000 trips to and from UBC, 80,000 or 52% of those trips are on transit which results in over 1,000 buses flowing through the UBC exchange. SkyTrain to UBC will make a big difference for everyone traveling to and from the university, and will also connect regional research, health, innovation, employment and housing destinations.

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This website –, where you are now, is a resource you can use to learn about the project and why SkyTrain is the best and only choice for rapid transit to the university. You can also find out how SkyTrain to UBC will have a positive impact on regional prosperity, housing affordability and sustainability. This site is also the place where you can get the latest news, project updates and answers to your questions.

In recent months, there have been some very positive steps forward on bringing SkyTrain to UBC. On January 30, 2019, Vancouver City Council voted 9-2 to endorse the SkyTrain extension to UBC and validated TransLink’s recommendation that SkyTrain be advanced as the technology of choice. On February 15, 2019, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation voted 19-2 to endorse SkyTrain technology for extension of the Millennium Line all the way to UBC. Both of these decisions send a strong signal to the provincial and federal governments that SkyTrain to UBC is a well-supported regional project. The timing is critical as the upcoming October 2019 federal election presents a window of opportunity for coordinated advocacy for new infrastructure funding.

Your voice is important as the university continues to actively pursue better transit connectivity with the region. Getting informed and sharing information about the benefits of the project with your friends, family or co-workers can make a difference. You can also submit your own transit story here so we can share your experience with regional decision makers.

Please check back regularly for updates and new information.