“As someone who lived in the Kitsilano area for 2 years, I feel strongly that a skytrain is needed to relieve the immense strain on the bus system. I was fortunate to live close to campus, but as one of the last stops in Kitsilano by the time buses arrived they were at full capacity and would pass up the stop. Generally speaking on an average day I would be passed up 3 times before successfully boarding an overcrowded bus, largely due to a sympathetic driver allowing us to stand as close to the front as safety allowed. Some days I have been passed 6-7 times. Additionally, bus routes often changed on the weekend so sometimes you would end up unexpectedly stopping prematurely before reaching campus if you had a weekend commitment. All of this made it very difficult to predict how long it would take to arrive on campus and I have missed portions or all of my morning class on especially bad days. A reliable Skytrain option within walking distance of Kitsilano residents would relieve strain on the remaining campus bus routes and give students a consistent option for getting to class on time.”