“My parents live in Coquitlam, and because I don’t have a car, the 2 hr (one way) commute combined with a heavy courseload (5-6 courses per term) drove me to find housing at UBC for the duration of my degree. While this was a great chance for me to become more independent and practice being an adult, it was also a huge expense to add on to my student loans. It seems pretty strange that somebody who grew up in the lower mainland would have to move in order to attend UBC. Although I will be graduated by the time the broadway extension is constructed, I fully support this project because it will improve accessibility and affordability of UBC for future students who are lower mainland residents. Having a more simple and fast commute allows students to have a more balanced school life, and reduces stress. It doesn’t make sense to me to only extend the line to Arbutus! Most people who take the 99 are going all the way to UBC! If the line is only extended to Arbutus, it won’t really solve too many problems. I really hope that the right decision is made here and the extension gets approved to go all the way to UBC :)”