“(Now graduated). When I was attending UBC between 2013 and 2015 I never thought we’d be so close to having a one-seat ride from Coquitlam to campus. I lived in Maple Ridge at the time and commuted by bike and public transit 2.5hrs per direction every day. If Skytrain had been available between Coquitlam and campus, I estimate I would have saved 30 minutes per direction. 1 hr per day, 5 hrs per week, 20 hrs per month. That means a lot to me. As a student, I was a captive transit rider. I had no choice but to commute that distance. I couldn’t afford to move out of my parents’ home and I couldn’t afford car payments or insurance. The time-cost seemed like something I could afford. For many students who are captive like I was, extending Skytrain to UBC is an equity issue. By investing in rapid transit to the campus, we tell them that their time is as valuable as anybody’s. And by saving them this time and effort, we raise their ability to do whatever it is they do best.