“I take the 480 bus in every day. I get on at the second stop, but I usually have to wait a few buses before getting on because most of them are full by the time they get to me. The best part of my commute is the fact that the 480 is an express bus – and the reason why I don’t take the skytrain+99 is because there’s fewer stops, and I don’t have to transfer. The worst part of my commute is as stated – the fact that the bus is usually full by the second stop. The bus starts at richmond/bridgeport, and I’m sure a skytrain that connected to the Canada Line at Broadway/Cambie that went all the way to UBC would reduce the bus wait-times substantially. My commute is long enough that I often stay at the UBC commuter hostel. This way, I’m able to study on campus later, meet with friends, go to the gym on campus, and get to bed at a reasonable hour, and not have to get up 2 hours before my class is set to start. If I could afford it, I would live on UBC campus just for the sake of not having to commute – I’m able to be much more social, my study/life balance is much better, and I have more time for physical exercise when I’m not wasting 2+hrs of my day on transit.”