SkyTrain to UBC. Commuting to UBC made better.

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The Broadway Subway Project, which is under construction now, stops at Arbutus Street. UBC-bound passengers will need to transfer to B-Line buses, which are expected to be overcrowded from opening day of the Broadway Subway Project. A SkyTrain extension from Arbutus to UBC is being studied and technical planning is underway but funding for the next phase of work hasn’t been confirmed.

Let’s not stop short. Now is the time to bring SkyTrain all the way to UBC!

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Reasons to love SkyTrain to UBC

Faster, easier commutes

With SkyTrain to UBC, travel times from communities across Metro Vancouver will be reduced by 15-25 minutes. You’ll be able to travel from Coquitlam or Surrey Central to UBC in under an hour. This means more time for studying, getting involved on campus or spending time with friends and family for the 55,000 students, faculty and staff that commute to UBC by transit each day.

Better for the environment

SkyTrain to UBC will make it easier for more people to use sustainable transportation to get to and from campus. With the Broadway Subway, it will boost regional transit ridership by more than 54,000* new transit trips per day, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping the university reach its 2040 target of having two-thirds of all trips to and from campus made by walking, cycling and transit a decade earlier.

*UBC Line Rapid Transit Study: Phase 3 Evaluation Report, August 2012

Access to affordable housing and jobs

SkyTrain to UBC will create fast, easy connections between Metro Vancouver’s largest employment centres, technology and innovation hubs and housing destinations which means better access to co-op work placements, clinical placements, job opportunities and affordable housing for you.

Help bring SkyTrain to UBC by 2030

UBC is pushing for progress on this once-in-a-generation infrastructure project and the community has shown strong support as well. A full 82% of residents from across Metro Vancouver that responded to a survey commissioned by UBC said they supported extending the Millennium Line all the way to UBC.

Your voice can help show SkyTrain to UBC is an important regional project and that residents of Metro Vancouver want the line to UBC completed.