Tell TransLink you support SkyTrain to UBC

TransLink wants your feedback on a list of transit and transportation projects that will be undertaken in the next 10 years. This is your opportunity to tell TransLink you support a strong regional plan that includes SkyTrain to UBC.

TransLink and Mayors’ Council recently approved a 30-year strategy to bring transit and transportation improvements to the region, including: expanding the rapid transit network, building a Major Bikeway Network and making frequent transit easier to access. They are now deciding on the projects that will be undertaken in the first 10 years of the new Regional Transportation Strategy. SkyTrain to UBC is one of the projects included in the proposed plan.


A rapid transit network that includes SkyTrain to UBC is good for the region

Connecting UBC’s Vancouver campus to the broader community will have tremendous economic, social, and environmental benefits for people living throughout the Lower Mainland. It will:

  • link the region’s education, employment, research, innovation and health centres;
  • connect over 1 million people within a 60-minute trip to UBC;
  • improve access to affordable housing by opening housing options across the entire length of the line;
  • reduce transit times, helping get cars off the road and improving the lives of commuters; and,
  • increase sustainable transit usage along the entire length of the Broadway corridor, reducing GHG emissions and air contaminants while improving personal health and wellbeing.

Tell TransLink you support their plan and now is the time to connect UBC with the rest of Metro Vancouver.